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Environmetal Cleaning

Hambel İnşaat: Leader in Environmental Cleanliness and Waste Disposal

Hambel Construction is a leader in environmental cleaning and waste disposal by providing various services to protect the environment and human health. We offer various cleaning and waste management services with environmentally friendly methods, without causing noise pollution in the city.

Environmental Cleaning and Waste Disposal Services

We offer our customers comprehensive services to protect the environment and human health. These services include:

  • Wastewater, rainwater line cleaning
  • Stream cleaning
  • Sea shore cleaning
  • Road maintenance cleaning
  • Sewer viewing
  • Solid waste logistics

Environmentally Friendly Approach

As Hambel İnşaat, we aim to protect and develop natural life by working with environmentally friendly methods. We take care to minimize environmental impacts in each project and show environmental awareness by using the latest technologies in waste management.

Choice of Public and Private Organizations

Thanks to our customer-oriented approach and quality service understanding, Hambel İnşaat has become a company preferred by public and private organizations. We work meticulously to offer solutions that meet our customers’ needs and to successfully complete their projects.

We Protect the Future

As Hambel İnşaat, we protect the future with the services we provide to protect the environment and human health. We strive to live in a clean environment by acting with sustainability and environmental awareness.